The Flash Season 3 confirms Kid Flash! (and Daniel West?)


Thought October 4th is still a long way away there is no doubt that after the spectacular 2nd season of the Flash many fans are waiting in anticipation for Season 3. Now, with Comic Con just around the corner, DC Entertainment has released an image of Wally West in his Kid Flash outfit, and fans are going ballistic.


As DC fans can tell, this is a faithful representation of the current Wally West Kid Flash in comics. The yellow used in the design on the torso and mask really pops and makes the outfit more eye-catching alongside the bold red chosen for the legs, gloves and detailing. The design is almost identical in nature through little details such as the addition of the little ‘fins’ replacing the lightning earpiece accessory worn by Barry. However, it stills bears traits found in the other CW Flash outfits such as the belt and chest emblem, though some fans think that the open head, albeit accurate, seems very awkward in the photo. Wally West actor Keiynan Lonsdale seems to fit perfectly in the outfit and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more Kid Flash in the season to come, as Wally’s character progression throughout Season 2 was a main highlight for me and made him my favorite character on the show. Sorry Cisco.

However, I woke up this morning to similar but more mysterious news regarding Flash Season 3. The pilot episode is currently filming in Vancouver and Keiynan was spotted on set in outfit shooting several scenes. However, he was accompanied by another person in a Flash outfit.


What we see is a costume unlike any other in the show before. Ok, that’s not entirely true as Zoom’s suit was a dark black, but this looks more like a charcoal or a brimstone accompanied by the lava and flame outlines on the suit. It’s also worthwhile noting the ears which look demonic and very goblin-like. Which begs the question: is this the Daniel West Reverse Flash from the comics? For the sake of less clutter, the Daniel West image will be at the end of the post, but essentially Daniel West is the uncle of Wally West  who gained Speed Force abilities through colliding with a Speed Force battery, which drove him insane and led him to becoming the Reverse Flash in DC’s New 52 line. As you can see in the image, while the color scheme is not exactly identical, the prominent theme of a demonic look and the streaks coming off  his suit are reminiscent of the lava streaks on this suit. Say my theory were proven true, what would this picture now mean? Is Daniel West the Reverse Flash of this new altered timeline? Is he the new Flash and Wally is his Kid Flash? While I originally theorized that newly-cast Tom Felton was inside the suit Australian actor Todd Lasance is reportedly the person in the above image, but no light has been shed on his role as of now, so we will have to wait until Comic Con for potential news.

Once again Flash aims to impress by utilizing the rich and wonderful lore of the Flash by portraying an amazingly designed Kid Flash suit, all while teasing a new mystery character that could be Daniel West. Only time will tell as the release date of the Season 3 premier “Flashpoint” draws nearer.






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