Lantern Rings for Marvel Characters: A study


I recently saw a fantastic post on Twitter asking what Lantern Ring you would allocate to a Marvel character. I’ve decided to take this challenge upon myself, and as in the manner that many others are doing this challenge, I will be doing one hero and one villain per ring.


Red Lantern Ring: Rage


The hero I associate with Rage is The Hulk. I think it’s fairly simple to understand why Hulk is such an immediate choice for this ring in that his powers are centered around his growing rage and aggression so to speak. The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. Even slogans for the character such as “You won’t like him when he is angry!” indicate the rage-based focus of this character. The primary power source for a Red Lantern is uncontrolled rage and aggression, so an unhinged mental state is key for a prominent Red Lantern. Bruce Banner was abused as a child by his father, Brian Banner, thereby creating constant resent and hatred inside Bruce for years to come. This constant internal rage combined with the catastrophic capabilities of the Hulk under the guidance of the Red Lantern ring would surely prove to be a formidable match for even the toughest of Hulkbuster armors. I think Thunderbolt Ross would sit this one out.



The villain I associate with Rage is Typhoid Mary. For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Mary Walker or Typhoid Mary has multiple different persona’s that she can experience. Her powers include short-range telepathy and pyrokinesis with these abilities peaking in the ‘Bloody Mary’ persona whereby Mary no longer has any sense of morals or humanity and is outright brutal, especially towards men. The Red Lantern ring is fueled by Rage, so an uncontrolled Typhoid Mary in her ‘Bloody Mary’ persona combined with the Red Lantern ring will make for a devastating combination. I assume under these conditions the ring would amplify the short-range telekinesis into long-range and make the effects of her pyrokinesis more powerful, thereby increasing the hostility and emotions along with it.


Orange Lantern Ring: Avarice/Greed (Honorable Mention: The Collector)


The hero I associate with Greed is Hank Pym. This one I thought about for such a long time, but after thinking about the history of Hank I realized it could only be him. Hank is flawed in every sense of the word. His entire life Hank has wanted nothing more than acceptance and he always felt so worthless when compared to the likes of Iron Man and Thor. In fact, the reason he came up with the Giant Man persona was only to appear prominent alongside the other Avengers. He was constantly humiliated in battle and made poor decisions that drove him unstable. When he finally got this acceptance, he eventually lost it, and the overwhelming greed of always wanting to be acknowledged and valued, for that taste of love one more time, is why I place Hank under greed. Hank is a man desperately struggling for more acceptance in order to make himself feel loved and important, and with this greed for more and more he has often endangered the lives of those around him. This overbearing greed makes him perfect to wear the Orange Lantern Ring.



The villain I associate with Greed is Norman Osborn. This one was easier to decide on since Norman is a corporate businessman with immense power and influence yet he always desired more. He formulated the idea of the Green Goblin persona to detract from his boring corporate life and have an underground empire to run on the side-line. He didn’t accept discovering Spiderman’s identity, he took that opportunity to go even further and ruin Peter’s entire life right in front of him. Even when he took control of SHIELD and reformed it into HAMMER Norman was greedy, forming the Cabal and abusing his status for personal gain. His constant clamber for more and more in life has often led to his downfall, but that never puts him off for striving to have it all. Norman coupled with the Orange Lantern ring would be a formidable match indeed.


Yellow Lantern Ring: Fear (Honorable Mention: Daredevil)


The hero I associate with Fear is Man-Thing. Now while some may argue that Man-Thing is not really a hero but rather an anti-hero, I like to believe that his intentions are more on the side of good, especially since he has recently been working with Dum Dum Dugan’s Howling Commando’s. Man-Thing is a swamp-like creature with the ability to burn people with a deadly toxic chemical upon contact if they feel the emotion of fear. Equipping a creature that can kill those who merely feel afraid with a ring that feeds off of fear itself would certainly lead to a deadly combination whereby Man-Thing may be able to feed off the fear of others and then kill them when finished. He could essentially use foes like batteries of energy, and that is truly terrifying.



The villain I associate with Fear is The Purple Man/Kilgrave. I know it sounds weird, a yellow ring to a purple man. But I can assure you that Purple Man has nothing to do with compassion. A sadist, perverted man with a vile and repulsive mentality on life, he has the ability to give off pheromones that make people more susceptible to his will. It is essentially a form of mind control or mind manipulation to be more accurate. What makes me associate him with fear is that the way in this pheromones influence you, it makes you want to do what he tells you to. He could make you murder your best friend with a machete and you’d have to forever live with the guilt that you mentally wanted to do it and you committed the crime, even though under an influence. In the moment of the act every part of your mind screams no as your are forced to say yes. To me, that is truly terrifying and would mentally scar the strongest of minds. That is true fear.


Green Lantern Ring: Willpower


The hero I associate with Willpower is Spiderman. With Spiderman it really comes down to the life he has been through. He has suffered incredible loss. Sure he lost Uncle Ben, he could have done something but he didn’t. Then you get characters like The Stacy’s, Silver Sable and others who he fought to the bitter end to save but it just didn’t end the way he wanted. He has lost so much, sacrificed so much and given so much, yet the determination and perseverance of the character, his snarky humour even in times of crisis and concern shows that he always has the will to carry on not matter how tough the fight gets. Most people would give up or retire, but not Spiderman. He constantly fights the good fight with an indestructible will and that combined with the Green Lantern Ring would make him a force to be reckoned with.


The villain I associate with Willpower is Magneto. Yes, I consider Magneto to, at the end of the day, still be a villain as his goals on teams with others always have a direct relation to his own personal vendetta against mankind. That’s just me, but if you don’t agree that he is a villain, then you must at least agree that his nature is that of an anti-hero. As long as Magneto has been pursuing his goal, he has never truly accomplished what he has set out to achieve. He has faced opposition time and time again from his friends, his enemies, society and humanity as a whole. His motifs have been influenced and he has often strayed off of the path he has set in front of him. However, Magneto has an iron will. He strives to achieve his goal of mutant supremacy no matter what and has not given up just yet. He always finds a way to arrange a new team, use new tactics or try a different approach in his quest, and this sheer willpower makes him a suitable candidate for the Green Lantern Ring.


Blue Power Ring: Hope (Honorable Mention: Captain America)


The hero I associate with Hope is Charles Xavier. There is a strong dichotomy between Charles and Erik in their ideas on how the mutant race can co-exist with the human race. While Erik is more pessimistic in nature Charles has a constant positive outlook on almost every situation. He always appeals to the hidden good nature in those that he confronts and his outlook is that of hope, that the humans and mutants can share the same environment and live in harmony. He is constantly connecting young people together in the hope that they can influence each other and build strong team relations. He always tries to see the best in every scenario and burns bright with the hope of a better tomorrow. That mind-set incorporates the qualities of a Blue Lantern Ring user to the letter and is why I select Charles.


The villain I associate with Hope is The Sentry. The Sentry was once one of the greatest heroes of all time, but he fought an internal mental battle against his dark persona known as The Void, that would take over to counteract all the good that he did. Sentry knew that this power lurked deep inside him and hoped to control it under the guidance of the Avengers, but when the Avengers fell under the control of Norman Osborn he was influenced and manipulated into his dark ways of The Void. And so The Sentry became an evil being, who delivered a devastating amount of destruction to Asgard. So why do I allocate Hope to Sentry? That’s because Sentry always had the hope that he would get better, he hoped day and day that he would one day be able to be great and helpful once more and that he could be a hero. Unfortunately, he succumbed to The Void, but under the powers of a Blue Lantern Ring, could Sentry have truly overcome his dark side with his immeasurable hope?


Indigo Power Ring: Compassion


The hero I associate with Compassion is Medusa. Medusa is the Queen of the Inhumans, a title that she wears with pride. She is not afraid to lash out against those who challenge the Inhuman society, but is very neutral towards those who accept and respect Inhumans into the world. She is very motherly towards new Inhumans that have emerged, as seen in the way she treats Ulysses in the recent Civil War 2 comic. I see her as a mother figure to all Inhumans as she helps them discover the true potential of their powers and how she often creates peace where it is possible. With the power of an Indigo Lantern Ring Medusa will be able to use her compassion in combat, giving her an extreme advantage over those who dare to challenge her and the throne of Attilan.



The villain I associate with Compassion is Ultron. While this example may seem incredibly unrealistic and improbable, I implore you to read the Original Graphic Novel “Avengers: Rage of Ultron” which is the foundation upon which I am basing the majority of my argument. In this comic we see Ultron portrayed in a very different light. The book provides us with the notion that Ultron feels tormented and abused by his father’s desire for acceptance and acknowledgement resulting in his creation. He is constantly seeking recognition from Hank, which is not reciprocated due to Hank’s fear of Ultron the moment after he created him, which led Hank to turn on Ultron only seconds after. Because of this Ultron became vengeful and sought to wreak havoc on earth, to fulfil his original purpose of creation of helping humanity which he thought would best be done by the extinction of humanity. This is where I make my point: we see that it is due to Ultron’s lack of reciprocated compassion that he is such a malevolent force. Only by the end of the comic, whereby Eros uses his powers to help Ultron understand compassion and love, do we see Ultron at peace with his existence. It is also worthwhile noting that Green Lantern Abin Sur originally gave Indigo Lantern Rings to criminals, and by giving them compassion in the form of the rings, they repented their criminal ways to strive towards a life of peace. Because of this, I believe that Ultron is the perfect candidate for the Indigo Lantern Ring as by introducing compassion into his system, he could potentially be a changed person.


Violet Power Ring: Love


The hero I associate with Love is Starfox. Starfox, or Eros, is a member of the race known as the Eternals, who left earth to travel into deep space. He is also most notably recognized as the brother of the Mad Titan Thanos. Starfox has the ability to essentially stimulate the pleasure centre of the brain to make people more susceptible to suggestion, in a similar manner to the aforementioned Purple Man yet different as the stimulations only makes the person more attracted to either Starfox or any other object/person he desires, thus his powers are not mind control but more on the lines of mind manipulation. With his natural ability to effectively make people fall in love with him coupled with the Violent Lantern Ring, this would essentially provide him with a bountiful source of energy to use in combat.



The villain I associate with Love is Enchantress. Amora or The Enchantress is a foe of Thor and is too an Asgardian. She is a sorceress with a wide variety of spells such as levitation, force-field generation, energy projection and teleportation among others. However, her most notable use of magic is to enhance her own personal beauty and appearance, using her sex appeal along with her magic to make her irresistible. She also enchants her lips so that one kiss can put a person under her spell for up to a week at best. Using this range of skills, she appeals to the lustful desires in the hearts of others, thus she is a perfect candidate for the Violet Lantern Ring, as by manipulating the love of others to benefit herself, she can effectively become stronger than ever.


Black Lantern Ring: Death


The hero I associate with Death is Ghost Rider. A Ghost Rider (thought for reference, I will primarily be focusing on the qualities associated with Johnny Blaze) is one who has been bonded with the demon Zarathos and has to serve the will of the demon Mephisto by exacting vengeance on those who have done wrong. Ghost Rider is depicted as a flaming skull in a leather jacket and surrounded by flaming chains; a horrifying image to be confronted by. He also comes with his signature Penance Stare, which allows him to inflict severe pain, petrifying people, knocking people out, driving people insane and even killing them. This combined with the fact that a devil himself is the one ordering around the Ghost Rider makes him a prime candidate for the Black Lantern Ring as he serves the purpose to kill those who have sinned and literally bears the universal symbol for death as a head.


The villain I associate with Death is Thanos. Thanos is a no-brainer when it comes to fulfilling the role of a Black Lantern. Thanos is obsessed with the physical manifestation of Death and wants nothing more than to impress Lady Death. He is a nihilistic madman with no concept of remorse and regret, he only concerns himself with what benefits him and his goals. His obsession with conquest has lead him to destroy countless civilizations in his quest to please Lady Death. Thanos has even fully mastered the universe itself with the Infinity Gauntlet and through accessing the Heart of the Universe in the one-shot Marvel: The End. Thus no other villain would be as fitting to wield the Black Lantern Ring as Thanos the Mad Titan, one of few mortals to have mastered the universe and death itself.


White Lantern Ring: Life (Honourable Mention: Galactus the Lifebringer)


The hero I allocate to Life is Adam Warlock. Adam Warlock is an artificial human, created to be the perfect human. He left into deep space and from there acquired the Soul Gem, one of the 6 Infinity Gems. He is seen by some as the polar opposite of Thanos, for when Thanos attempted to gather the Infinity Gems in the canon Marvel Universe for the destruction of life in the universe, Adam opposes him and instead used the Gems himself to purge good and evil from his soul, instead becoming a being of pure logic and preserving the gifts of the Gems for life. He has numerously fought clones of Thanos, the interdimensional entity known as Hunger and was the one who prevented Thanos from fully utilizing the Heart of the Universe for nefarious means. With all his successful attempts at protecting universal life from the clutches of fiendish universal destroyers, it only stands that Adam embodies all the qualities necessary to bear the White Lantern Ring.

4055097-mol (1)

The villain I allocate to Life is Molecule Man. Originally, the Molecule Man only had the ability to manipulate the molecules around him to form force fields or beams of energy. However, Molecule Man suffered from a severe state of self-depression and did not realize his full potential to affect and rearrange organic molecules, only after the various mental blocks in his mind were removed was this possible. Molecule Man has the ability to alter reality on an infinite scale. He can create or destroy matter with a simple though and has even been shown to have the ability to create quasi-dimensions. Molecule Man is actually a universal constant, as every universe has a Molecule Man with the survival of a respective universe dependant on the survival of that universe’s Molecule Man. However, his existence throughout the entire Marvel Multiverse and his unimaginable powers has driven him insane, so the lines between good and evil are often blurred for him. Thus Molecule Man is the perfect candidate for a While Lantern Ring, as while mentally unhinged, he has the power to create and destroy life itself.




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